Thank you Mark for caring enough

Dear Mark,   My name is Ray Nine from Albany,NY. I would like to thank you very much for bringing me along on this amazing journey through Neothink. I have been in a major transitional period in my life over the past 3 years starting in June 2004 and there are many different directions in which I could have gone, but none of them would have been superior to the one I chose. I see everything clearer than ever before and am focused on making MY life better, therefore making me a much more happy and competent human being. This has enabled me to become more valuable to society and I can’t help but notice that the quality of people who have been coming into my life recently has been exceptional. What is also encouraging is that I realize that I am continuing to improve in so many ways and the best is yet to come. I am still not exactly clear on how you found me but I could not be happier about the fact that you did. Again, thank you Mark for caring enough to include me and more importantly, thank you for caring enough about humanity to choose the path you have and to do so much good for us all.  Most Sincerely,  Ray N. Jr.

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