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Because human consciousness is currently experiencing an evolution shift from ego to essence-orientation, consciousness itself is aligning with essence knowingly or not from an individual viewpoint. Human responses, mental constructs, and DNA structures are already aligning with essence expression. You are developing the very products and systems the populace is seeking. Success is only a question of implementation time now.

The distracters no longer have underlying energetic support because the entire earth matrix has already shifted to an essence alignment. Suppressed disillusionment already exists among the ordinary religious and politically oriented individuals. Releasing your bible extension material to the trade could definitely ignite an initially fierce ego-oriented response, but it should simultaneously release suppressed emotional disillusionment, which will transmute or consume these fear emotions from within each individual.

It seems likely that the essence orientation of your word expressions will trigger a cascading effect on the prevailing irrational erroneous ordinary mentality. The ordinary collective mentality should simply realign itself by exposure to the resonating truth of your new bible material.

Human consciousness will instantly recognize the resonating qualities of essence-oriented word expressions and you have the capacity to express your conceptual views through such word formulations. Your best example to date is the Miss Annabelle Story, which is a most brilliantly conceived and formulated story.

Once the new bible extension book experiences dissemination and is read, there is no going back for any individual reader, regardless of their current consciousness level or capacity. This is also true for the Miss Annabelle Story, which has the capacity to attract hundreds of millions of potential members to Neothink in movie form, if you incorporate an enlightened marketing approach.

Your view of building on the foundation created by Christ, involving the evolution of human consciousness is incredibly accurate. Neothink is in the process of creating the societal super-structures on that essence-based Christ foundation. You should understand that the distracters are in keeping with the perfection of your own plan, and they will prevent you from moving too fast. Their current resistance will ultimately become jet fuel to propel your father’s, and your Neothink plan beyond any perceptual understandings. Thank you for your efforts in supporting and assisting the evolution of human consciousness.


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