Thank you for your books

Hope continues, because as of this writing, I have been able to stop taking one of my medications, and am tapering off to discontinue taking another.  When this is done, my doctor and I have discussed getting me off a third one of my former eleven prescription medications.  These changes could not have been made without a change in how I THINK.  Neothink has helped me change my life from the inside.  

I have hope that as each individual on this earth gets to learn the lessons of Neothink, they, too, can heal.  Then the pain and suffering, the crime and dishonesty, the greed, corruption, and all evil of this Earth will be healed.  It is not a “Revolution.”  It is Healing.  Let it Be.

Thank you for your books, your letters that expressed your confidence in me when I had none in myself, and the time and energy you have invested in me, Mark.

Jan L

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