Thank you for sharing your journey and NT discoveries

Thank you for sharing your journey and NT discoveries.  I found your thoughts and ideas familiar.  In fact, there was nothing you wrote and shared that did not resonate with what I already knew.  What was wonderful for me was that the practical ways in which you suggest people can transform their mental and physical habits into practical and integrated new behaviors that can and will enhance their abilities to perceive and function in a positive state of renewal.

I have made it my personal life work to teach people how to complete the communications (unconscious and conscious) that inhibit their purpose in life by creating emotional stress and physical ailments.  What hearing from NT did for me was to make me happily realize other people might be out there that could understand me.  I have lived my life being a value creator; but I have been very much alone and unprotected.  I have made millions, lost millions and helped so many people and yet suffered from their projections on to me.  It amazes me how many people would rather discredit or dismiss new teachings in favor of staying small.  My own weakness has been to try to convince people to the point of becoming a victim of their hatred for life itself.  I have had a difficult time protecting myself from people who steal, who lie and who are telepathically manipulative…your insight about whispers was so “ear opening” I wondered how I missed it…thank you for that awareness regarding cheaters.

My brother died when I was 21 years old, he was 24 and a brilliant man.  We had a great life growing up because we both would talk about the end of universe and what was there, he and I would glow with thoughts of new inventions, new theories and ponder the God of this creation.  Without him my life would have been a torture, because I was never accepted or fit in at school or at college.  To be honest, my teachers thought I was dumb.  It took me a long time before I realized I did not understand a word they were saying because they were in a different world.  It took a lot of empathy on my part to start to figure out were people were “at”.  My brother and I promised if one of us would die before the other that we would agree to try to communicate with one another to let the other person know what it was like.  We made this promise because we thought knowing the truth was the greatest gift to aspire to in life…and we each were willing to face it.  My brother kept his promise…and the closest thing I have heard to what he said was in your material.  I may have heard him as a “bicameral” audible hallucination, but I think with every last form of his being he said, “Remember, it is all an instant…and if you catch it you will know everything.”  I look forward to my NT experience because I see potential in the exchange of human encouragement to accomplish all things.  If others can understand the power of their own life force and learn to utilize it in a way that lets go of the way they think it is, and reclaim the way it really is—what a value creation could be made manifest with others.  In fact, I feel that without like minded people focused on greater things—better life choices just do not happen.  The habits of communication limit our potential and create the greatest obstacles to making changes.  Your NT mini schedule, integrated management ideas—focusing people on tasks really do help.  I have been able to not only use it for myself, but it has helped my children.  We are able to see where our emotional habits prevent us from accomplishing what we set out to do.

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