Thank you for inviting me into the Neothink Society

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

I was hoping I could find away to contact you and thank you for inviting me into the Neothink Society. Here’s my testimonial and feel free to use any and all of it as you see fit.

My name is Walter M. an invited member since 2004. I can’t begin to describe the effect three part manuscripts had on my life.

I am a native of Chicago and a thirty year veteran live television producer/director. Including twenty years of sports production for the Oakland Athletics, the San Francisco 49ERS, CBS Sports and the San Jose Sabercats. After surviving a near fatal stroke in 1997 I was forced to give up my sports production and have been living on disability.

I have always wanted to write a novel but never had an idea I thought would be interesting. After reading Miss Annabel’s secrets the Neothink philosophy really came alive for me. The first major change I made  was I eliminated all forms of mysticism from my life. This forced me to take complete control of my life with  all its actions and consequences. I stopped praying and started to out compete God. This forced me to stop asking for divine help to write a novel but to sit down and get it done. I have always wanted to tell the story of the great monuments built during the great depression, Mount Rushmore, The Empire State Building, Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. I created an interesting way to tell this story by creating two fictional Polish accordion playing brothers from Chicago, who, through an ingeniously conceived series of events travel the country working on those monumental projects. I took control of every aspect of the novel. It became my Friday night essence. I finished it on September 15, 2007. The title is “High Work” and if I say so my self.  It’s really good a real page turner.  Then I began to research a way to get published.

I found in trying to contact three dozen main stream publishers all their web sites sent you to six on line self- publishing web sites. Apparently, publishers feel. Why bother to take a chance on a new author. Let them publish their own work. If successful they can always buy the rights without having incurred any of the risk associated with a new author or novel. Well, that wasn’t going to stop me. I have more computing power on my desk than the entire federal government had in 1959. I could do all the research I needed on line. Write my novel and send it to my publisher via email. Every thing accomplished without leaving my home. After researching on line self publishers and having three compete for my business. I decided on Authorhouse. They offered me the best service, copyediting, marketing etc. for the best price. I looked at my limited and fixed income and made the decision. I was going to take the leap that all my heroes in the neo-Tech manuscripts took and pay what was required to get my book in the market place. I hope to tell all my fellow members when and how to purchase my novel through the secret web site information forum as well as doing presentations at my former church, Rotary club and by doing book signings at the local library and other locations   in my area. The way I figure it is like this. I’m one of the greatest human interest stories in years and the perfect headline for the National Inquirer. MAN WITH HALF A BRAIN WRITES NOVEL.  This is true. The complete right side of my brain, top to bottom, front to back was destroyed in the stroke and I have the MRI Pictures to prove it.

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