Testimonial for TVP

Testimonial for TVP

By Randall M. II


My name is Randy M.and my friends call me the Harmonica Man. This is from playing blues and rock harmonica all over the country. I have a great time doing this for fun and creating more fun. I didn’t used to know what way to go with my talents, I just went to open mic nights in a bar a lot. Now that I have a definite purpose behind my actions it is much more satisfying. Neothink has shown me the way to creating my dreams and making them come true. This is not like the typical get rich scheme or a phony cult or something. This system of positive reinforcement and work ethic sets the TVP far apart from the rest of society.

I used to think hard work and saving my money alone would be enough to get by in life. Wow was I wrong about that. After having bad relationships and poor jobs I knew there had to be more in life than this. So I searched for the answers with all kinds of business books and ads. When I read through all of them they all said the same thing, which was nothing, and I lost all the money I had saved. So I worked for everybody I could with an education that consisted of a G.E.D. I was in the US Army for a while, then a landscaper, security guard and so on. I was a hard worker and a fast learner and rose to the top on every job as far as I could go. This was still at a level of just surviving while paying child support.

One day I received a letter from the desk of Mark Hamilton inviting me in to a society of geniuses. I was skeptical at first, but I ordered my first book anyway. Then I joined after reading the remarkable truths that was in the literature. I was immediately hooked on the methodology of business structures in the book. Reading was actually a pleasure for me and I could not wait until I was off from work to come home and read more. I then started to apply those lessons to my work and personal life. The success and creative thought was rolling in better than I have ever had.

Then one day my boss came to me and told me the company was going under from his divorce and the place was to be sold. My boss said that he was going to start over again and he would like me to be his right hand man. I then asked him to make me a partner instead. He refused to do so because of my education level, although I kept his company afloat this for years. So instead of accepting this outcome, a friend and I started working in a trailer park putting in new flooring and doing repairs. It took me a few months, but I had saved enough money to move out of my old tattered house in Michigan and into a friend’s house in Wyoming.

This is where it gets interesting. It did not take long before I had a job working in a machine shop for oil field rental tools. In a couple of months, through Neothink tactics, I was on my way to a management position with a higher salary. I then met the love of my life through a friend and have been with her every since. I have never known a love so pure and happy.

One day I was fooling around on the computer trying to locate other Neothink members. I was very happy to find out that there was a club house just getting on its feet right here in the town that I was living. I was invited to the clubhouse meeting that Sunday and met everyone. We had a good time talking about the things we were willing to change about the world. And I made some lifelong friends in the process.

One day I was having trouble with my stomach and abdomen. I was getting sick all the time and had unbearable pain. Then one day I was rushed to the hospital to have my gall bladder out. During the operation I was poked and prodded to check for all the other things, and consequently found that I had Crohns disease in five different areas of my system. This was a sad day for me and my family. The disease had gotten progressively worse as time went by. I already have epilepsy and with the two combined I was forced out of work.

After being home for about five months I decided to not let this get me down. So I kept going to the meetings each month and getting fresh ideas in my head. Then I applied for school again and am now on my way to getting my associates in business. The next thing I tried was an online business which branched out into two more of the same.

Then an incredible thing happened one day. A friend from the TVP and my clubhouse came up with the idea of going into business together. I was so happy that I was jumping up and down with joy. We decided to be business consultants and follow the methods given in out literature. We can’t hardly wait to help out our first customer and spread the idealisms that all TVP members have. I am so happy now that this is in my life, and it is something I could use forever.

Thanks Mark and the TVP for all the guidance and friendships.

Randy M. (i.e. Harmonica Man)

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