Testimonial about the Neothink/TVP/Mark Hamilton

Testimonial about the Neothink/TVP/Mark Hamilton:

Mark Hamilton – I think that wow…you are a very visionary person and I applaud your work on Neothink and the books of life.

Since you sent me the first letter in the mail quite a few years ago, it had surprised me.

I had wondered how did you know about me since I am a Hard-of-Hearing person who is constantly struggling with deafness and communication barriers.

I loved all the three books about Neothink and the Neothink society.

The stories really inspired me to think about the future.

I am planning to read those book again to see if I am missing anything.

Unfortunately I still don’t have my FNE (Friday Night Essence).

Our future as of right now is not looking very good – for example:  our society is crumbling because health care insurance is expensive to keep, debts are piling up and there are jobs lost or cut down in pay.

Our family is being hit with paycheck being cut down.  It’s very hard to afford things in this situation.

I feel that Congress is too controlling of everything.

My feeling is that “How can anyone keep up with the high prices of oil, gas, food and houses” in this type of world is ridiculous.

I predict that TVP will and can make big difference in our society and it’s time for a HUGE change for everyone.

Go TVP!!!


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