Dear Mark Hamilton,
In the earl part of Spring 2008 I was having my funk day as usual and
I received a letter in the mail from you and read it with amazement and anticipation of what was to come for me and my future,  I so much wanted to change.   I ordered my first heirloom and was so excited to read those pages that I could not put it down.   Soon after that I wanted to be a part of this special group of people that I joined a society and met so many like minded and talented people who wanted a better world to live in.  To be proud of what we could and can create for our future.
My life began to look brighter and life had finally taken a different leap of positive energy which I had not been able to find.
I found that inner child which I had lost so many years ago and began to want to live a life full of positive energy and love and everlasting happiness.
I am now living a life that is full of surprise and learning and look forward to each and everyday that comes. After reading the first heirloom I received the 2nd letter which I read with total emotion and ordered the 2nd Heirloom which came and it was with anticipation they did not come soon enough, because I could not wait to read your wonderful words of value and love and compassion for this world.
I want to thank you for bringing me out of the stagnant life that I was living.  I look forward to what my mind creates. I soon was reading about a new kind of movement to make the poor rich and to end poverty. A Twelve Visions Party that can change the world as we know it and keep our loved ones safe.  A movement that would bring happiness and prosperity to all and I want this so bad for the world in these times of debt and ill fate that so many have perished because they have given up.
With the 12 Vision party your hopes and dreams will come true,   I could not wait to hear from you  and then I  received the 3rd letter and finally the 3rd Heirloom and in this last Heirloom I read with amazement without putting it down until I was hungry or needed sleep.  I am living a life that I enjoy and look forward to each and every moment because of your ability to create and write with such love and integrity.  It is with all my heart that the success of the Twelve Visions Party will go forth and that all of Mark Hamilton’s work will not be taken away for it would be a terrible loss.
.  The Neo-think society is of great value and the wonderful people that are involved.  I want the world to know how much Mark Hamilton great literature have added so much value to my life.  Thank you Mark Hamilton for this.

Much Happiness,
With Admiration

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