Ten years ago, “terrorists” brought down the World Trade Center

Dear Mark,

Ten years ago, “terrorists” brought down the World Trade Center.  Today, America celebrates with fireworks and patriotism displays in cities all across the country.  But, what are we celebrating?

Are we celebrating our collapsing economy as our federal government takes our fiat dollars to the point of no return?  Are we celebrating the destruction of our constitution?  Our loss of freedom?  Our illegal ’war on poverty’, our lost ‘war on drugs’ our invasion of Iraq and Afganastan?  Are we celebrating record unemployment; our obselete education system, approaching hyper-inflation, our collapsing health care system?

Really, we are celebrating the end of America as we know it and the beginning of a new America – An America that no longer tolerates oppression and aggression, deception and war, death and destruction.  We are moving toward that Neothink Society you’ve written about so many years before the collapse of our once great nation.  Too bad our ’leaders’ never read your writings – we wouldn’t be in this mess of illusion.

Walsh P.

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