Successful people in the world know something universal the rest of us don’t know

Mark Hamilton and Neothinking; Honesty/Love/compassion is illustrated to help you make good decisions. I am so very thankful now when I look back over this past year and see the miracles that took place in my life through the honesty Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Neothink Society and the TVP twelve visions party brought to me. I started reading Mark Hamilton books during a crucial time in my life. Through Mark Hamilton’s lessons, Neothinking and the Neothink Society I have changed my life completely. For many years I had been searching for answers not easily found anywhere! I was looking; searching for answers I knew had to exist. I read many self help/positive thinking books, attended training seminars, and used training CD’s, and still never finding those elusive answers. I was growing weary of my search for answers, and then one day in my mail box was one of the missing pieces of the puzzle (successful people in the world know something universal the rest of us don’t know). I am now in my 40’s and have finally found the answers I had been searching for most of my life and many, many more. The most amazing part of my life long search has been the answers were easy to find, they were universal around the world in all cultures. Mark Hamilton through his books & mentoring with Neothinking and Neothink Society has brought peace/understanding to me by teaching me secrets that build success/wealth/happiness. I now know why famous and successful people from around the world are so happy.

In 1983 I was a U.S. Marine and I am very thankful to be alive, here writing today. The United States and all of her freedoms are one of the loves in my life, the other is the honesty/freedom that Mark Hamilton, Neothinking and the TVP Twelve visions party has for everyone on earth and in the United States; our homes, our lives and futures depend on the freedoms/honesty that the TVP twelve visions party will bring to all of us. We must make freedom/honesty our GOAL.

Prosperity and opportunity are created everywhere freedom is planted…

Sincerely, Jim

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