Sometimes, what we don’t know can hurt us

My name is Claire M. and I have a Question. Why bother to change the world?  My answer is why not?  Most of us are struggling to survive because we feel we must and don’t have the time or money to change anything. But, what if together, we could make it better for all mankind. What if, your dreams and hopes for the future and for a better more gentle world for your children were possible. Would you want it?  Was Jesus a fool to give his life for it?  Of course not. But what have we learned from this wise and wonderful man? What are we doing each and every day to really make it better,not only for ourselves,but for all others as well?  I realize that is a very thought provoking question for most people to confront and answer. Most people have not evolved to the point where it is even a consideration.

Sometimes, what we don’t know can hurt us. We are all view points seeking a point of view. W’ve given a lot of “lip service” to what we believe. How many, in truth, do what they believe is the right thing to do,no matter what.  Not many that I’ve personally seen. It’s all over the news how we abuse each other as human beings,and that’s insanity. But, its not all bad, fortunately for all,and especially for the children. They inherit what we create. I honestly care about all  these beautiful children, not just my own. They deserve a better world, one in which they can grow and thrive and achieve true freedom to be who they really are.

Most philisophical beliefs,however you name them,seek to instill hope and a better future for all–at their very core.  Altho,the Neothink society may use a different means to achieve this, the results are the same. A safe and sane society in which to grow,for all of us. Knowlege is power. True. So, again, my question to you is: Why not examine,the knowledge before you condemn it. Most real truths in life tend to shake the foundations of what people believe.

If Jesus, or Buddah,or Mohamed,had given up trying to bring us all to an understanding of the truth, we’d still be praying to the wind. The Neothink society does not exist to destroy what is real and of honest value in the world. Only the illusions. If you must have those illusions then you’ve never understood what Jesus,Buddah or Mohammed tried to do.

Give up the illusions,they’re not real anyway,so you lose nothing. Quit praying to the wind. It does nothing. Do find out for yourself,what the Neothink society is really about. After you have read it, as thoroughly as I have read the bible,you will realize,as I did, that if you are open to it, the truth is still out there. And I hope, the love of ignorance does not stop you from finding it.

Again, the original question was: Why bother? The answer is…for all you kids out there…big or small..
Because I love you. Isn’t that what we should do?

May Your Generous Heart Increase Your Blessings!

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