So you play at your creating

That’s so true! I’ve watched people who don’t need to work, but have no FNE, and no dreams or goals, and so often they self-destruct one way or another. Many of the rock stars are good examples of this phenomenon. Their lives become an endless debauchery of me, me, me and doing only what they feel like in the moment–which could be fine and good if they also had some ‘higher’ purpose, or some deeper connection to their inner child which helped them stay centered and compassionate, and gave them a focus. ‘Playing’ as an adult fills that inside space, that heart space, if you will, with a feeling of worth, and deep satisfaction, and helps continue that journey within to continually renew our minds, hearts and souls. Children use that playtime to connect with themselves, others, their world, spirit–and have fun. And at the bottom line, if you are ‘working’ at something you love, which interests and enthralls you, aren’t you doing the exact same thing? I think so! And doing so, if you give yourself a chance to market your work, should also result in your becoming wealthy. I know I love giving to those who help me–doesn’t everyone? Mostly, yes. So you play at your creating, and in it you are giving to the world, and in gratitude, the world gives back.

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