So … becoming part of Neothink is like playing for me…

To all my Neothink family,

I know we are not spending a lot of our time concerning ourselves on the attacks on our Neothink Society. We will not be true value creators by just letting them read our honest and sincere testimonials
I believe we should invite our guest to an introduction meeting that’s where our values reside.

What do you think? Anyone who attacks us or sends someone to attack us is welcome as a guest.
Our guest can personally experience our many unprecedented values and opportunities we have to offer!

Oh wait a second! Another Ten Second Miracle has arrived we shouldn’t just invite those whom attack us. We should include as our guest, all members of Congress, our Executive Branch and Judicial Branch both Federal and State. Plus, anyone working with these elected and appointed officials. What better
way to clear up misconceptions or misunderstandings about us!

All these leaders can re-kindle the Self-Leading values within themselves. They can objectively experience the honest value creating they have been working on but temporarily have misplaced with
a renewed vigor. Imagine them using Neothink tools and mentoring by our members to make their responsibilities easier. If, they are willing for us to help them, I know we will not let them down.

To all that were mentioned or felt they were mentioned your are all (welcome guest now and always) to
explore Neothink Society’s values and opportunities. We wait anxiously for you to decide we will happily assist you when you are ready to explore. Jim S.

Dear Mr. Hamiton:

I can’t say I’m a perfect woman, and I can’t say I have worked through all of the facts from my past, present, and future, but I can say my life has been changing since receiving the three Neothink heirloom packages.

It just seems to be happening even though I’m a bit unfocused. Since receiving my packages, my time is better spent, I am finding more compassion for my 80 mother who I have moved in with to spend quality time with, and I think I’ve found a Friday Night Essence (do I have only one?) to be involved with (Mobile Phone Marketing; copywriting and what I think is value creation by helping others promote their causes better; yes there is an application for this type of service for Neothink I’m sure you have found already with integrated thinking).

I am just a beginner and am having some issues and am hoping to find some good quality mentors for … mainly getting help for my mini-days, and business networking, or for that matter, meeting a partner I could do some value creating with.

All of my life I have found something good and mysterious to think about.
All of my life I have felt that my open mindedness was one of my best qualities, not one of my worst like many in my family believe. So …
becoming part of Neothink is like playing for me, as thought and freedom of expression and thought is a value that makes creating my day an art, or play, versus a chore!

I don’t know how or why you pick the members you do, but am really enjoying all that Neothink has to offer, and sincerely hope Neothink will find value in me as well.

Thanks for the time!


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