School of Geniuses TVP Presentation

By Michael B.
Enjoy Perfect Physical and Mental Health

Killers All Around
Today’s biomedical progress is impressive, but is it moving fast enough? The answer is: no, not until the technology has quick access to the marketplace without interference by those who sacrifice our health for their financial benefit. The antidotes to threatening human medical catastrophes are: super rapidly advancing technologies. Those new technologies will not evolve quickly enough until they can swiftly reach the marketplace.
Take personal responsibility for your own physical and mental health by learning what you need to know to optimize every aspect of your being. Then use the knowledge gained to regain or maintain your good health.
There are known natural cures for almost every physical and mental affliction humans will encounter during their lives. The delicate balance of nutrients and chemical compounds in our bodies can be diagnosed and adjusted for maximum efficiency and longevity. We can in fact live healthy, vibrant and creative lives far longer than is currently the norm.
The Great Rescue
Depoliticizing the medical industry, depoliticizing every thing about it from regulations on health insurance to regulations on medical research, will save lives.
Today, each added increment of politicizing the medical industry further bureaucratizes and slows advancing new medical technology, which in turn drives away private research funds. Tomorrow, after depoliticizing medicine, record amounts of private research funds will go toward medical research.
Today, individual entrepreneurs, the aggressive geniuses of society, could never function in such a cost prohibitive, risky environment. Tomorrow, after depoliticizing medicine, a record number of entrepreneurial geniuses will go into medical research.
In the Twelve Visions world, after depoliticizing the medical industry, more and more geniuses will rise up and save us from world wide human catastrophes. That medical revolution will become known as the Great Rescue. But the human losses will never be forgotten.
We feel disillusioned with politicians and regulatory bureaucracies. A steady rebellion against the ruling class is rising throughout civilizations around the world. Early signs of the new Neothink mentality, spontaneously rising throughout different civilizations around the globe, parallel a similar phenomenon 3000 years ago.
A growing number of people no longer tolerate big government legislating and regulating our money, morals, and businesses. That anti-authority trend will gain momentum as medical catastrophes strike family and friends. Under mounting survival pressures, the people will see more clearly and so end the ruling class.
When America embraces the Twelve Visions Party, the party for depoliticizing America, then three benefits will surface:
Near perfect health for the young, the old, and for those in their prime.
Millionaire like wealth for ordinary people, including the poor.
Exciting jobs of the mind for nearly everyone, will release vast amounts of creative human potential.
Young Again
Science, medicine, business, and entrepreneurs will focus on an epic event; eradicate diseases and illnesses to enable people to live healthily well into their hundreds and beyond. When ordinary people become wealthy, healthy, and in love with life, the desire to live longer, will be in great demand. As Neothink value creators, we build larger and larger puzzles of creation, which become very exhilarating. Instead of withering away in deep ruts, we profusely blossom in our creations.
As people’s lives become more and more exciting with age and accomplishments, they eventually will not continue the tragedy of a growing, eternally happy person dying. That death could only be compared to the death of a child – so much left unseen and undone. The hue and cry arose: “We must live forever!” Much of the world’s creative energy would come together into a super puzzle to achieve humankind’s greatest goal: eternal life on Earth.
Thus, Project Life would begin. Business and science will eradicate disease to give us healthy life well into our hundreds. Businesses, financial institutions, scientists, research doctors and entrepreneurs will embrace the enormous demand for longer life. Money, minds, technology, science and medicine will come together through entrepreneurial businesses. Their integrated super puzzle will soon piece together the ultimate demand of slowing down and eventually curing the disease of aging.
Irreplaceable Youth
Today, you only live for a brief moment in time then, you are gone forever. Everything, all the wonderful experiences of life and heartwarming feelings, end with death. That inherent sadness of life amplifies the moral purpose of living: to achieve happiness. During your brief moment alive you must experience as much happiness as you can possibly create. You must accomplish this to get everything you can out of your one moment of life.
Your Next Level of Happiness Tomorrow
We are beginning to discover something very special, the next level of happiness and consciousness. The discovery of experiencing exhilarating happiness every single day of every person’s life is certainly within our grasp.
The celebration
The celebration of life will cause exhilarating romantic love as well as powerful family love and friendship love for your entire life. Imagine feeling love and intensely happy, on a natural high, year after year.
The preciousness of life
The discovery of the irreplaceable preciousness of life will cause you to cherish every moment of your life. Imagine absorbing every bit of love and happiness out of every living moment with yourself and with your loved ones.
Bigger than life excitement
The rediscovery of the bigger than life excitement you experienced in your childhood will cause new experiences of bigger then life sensations. Imagine ordinary people living as rich, successful value creators building upon life itself through achieving dreams they never before considered.
Carefree happiness
The return of the carefree happiness of our youth will cause a life filled with new experiences and adventures. Imagine the carefree happiness after we depoliticize America and end big government regulations. Removing irrational regulations will set free rapid medical progress that eradicates diseases and cures fatal cellular degeneration responsible for aging and death.
The life we were meant to live
Tomorrow’s Twelve Visions world will spare us from emotional diminishment and lift us to the next level of consciousness and happiness. These new dimensions of consciousness and happiness will summon the geniuses of society to rapidly advance technology toward achieving immortality. The geniuses will jump ahead into Neothink and bring us enormous buying power and nearly perfect health. Thereafter, we too will jump into Neothink. These new frontiers of consciousness and happiness will bring us to a beautiful, long lost world in which we permanently rediscover the thrill of life.
Integrated Conscious Biological Being
Knowing who you are and what you are is the key to consciousness.
Many people including those indoctrinated in theological belief systems separate their physical self from their mental self. Identifying something called a soul or spirit as a separate component of self disables consciousness. This disunity is what enables the self appointed external authorities to control unconscious beings through mystical illusions. Consider that what some conscious philosophers have described as a supreme being or spirituality or a god man is a metaphor for the universe. Therefore there is no separation of self and no need for aspects of self to be assigned authority.
Integrating the physical and mental the matter and energy, honesty and reality as one homogenous entity is required to make the leap to the next level of consciousness. We are the same matter as everything that exists in the universe. We are an integral part of and interdependent with the universe. That is how I have come to the understanding that I am a point of consciousness in a conscious universe.
Humans are integrated conscious biological beings. Every aspect of our self is interrelated and interdependent. All of our attributes and characteristics form our identity as a living entity. Our physical well being effects our mental well being and vice versa because one cannot function without the other. In this manner there is no separation of the physical and the mental being. Similarly humans are interrelated and interdependent with each other and the universe we live in.
Our thoughts determine who and what we are. By consciously controlling our thoughts we can create the life we were meant to live.
First come thoughts; then organization of those thoughts, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those ideas and plans into reality.
This is always done through Discipline, Thought and then Control.
Discipline means self control. Take the rational actions necessary to accomplish your goals without procrastination or excuses. It takes discipline to adhere to your mini day schedule and not waste time in non-productive ways.
The discipline to take the course that we know is correct; erasing external authority so as to be guided by own conscious mind.
Thought means critical analysis of all possibilities and powerthinking your plan of action. Powerthinking is focused integrated thinking and involves visualizing your goal and creating each step that it will take to accomplish the task. Think through all of your actions and the possible consequences and contingencies and your reactions to the results. You do not stop and wait for external guidance. Instead you develop your own integrated thinking, and never stop moving forward to create values.
The thought to evaluate, adjust and increase our growth as new information becomes available to us. Change being the only constant of the universe.
Control means taking responsibility for your actions. I control all of my actions. I do not control other people. I do control my reactions to external stimuli. I am responsible for all of my actions. I am responsible for everything that happens to me. I am responsible for creating solutions to all of my problems. I am responsible for overcoming all obstacles placed in my path. Establish immediate iron grip control over money, life, business, and everything you manage.
The control to take the wheel and guide the ship, in a manner that would create great values for our selves, for our families and for our world…and beyond…forever!


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