RECOGNIZE!…Mark Hamilton…My Neothink Society family…and Our Twelve Visions Party

For all you haters out there that doubt us….Mark Hamilton is a genuis and my mentor in life.He taught me..(but i think i can speak for all of us in the neothink society)how to break threw boundaries however massive..his manuscripts is on another level,beyond anything i’ve previously known or read of in my whole existence.I know that very soon Mark and his twelve visions party will take society to that next level of living.He is just that great and me and all my people believe in his vision for a better world..theres nothing you anticivilation people can do to stop us now.we are trying to change the world for the betterment of all.Our movement is growing and im..(along with the rest of us)is willing to stand on the frontline to see Marks vision fulfilled..i am willing and ready to go to war to end your dum anticivilation..i will fight the media with mark and do anything in my powers to see to it the neothink society thrive and for all you haters out there…hate it or love it..who cares!!..CHANGE IS COMING!! Mark Hamilton,Neothink,TWELVE VISIONS PARTY..Take it N BLOOD..hahahahaha

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