Reading the Heirloom books gave me hope that the world really could become heaven on Earth…

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Reading the Heirloom books gave me hope that the world really could become heaven on Earth, however in this testimonial I would like to focus on the benefits I have received from my subscription to the Neothink Society National website.

When I joined in February of 2007 I was thrilled to see posts from all over the United States and I soon made new friends.  I wanted to meet people who lived near me so I began posting that and soon had about fifteen names of Neothink Society members in Northern California.  Our first meeting seven attended and more joined us each month.  I am now the coordinator for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Neothink Society.  We have created a family of like minded people who want to make the world a better place for all.

When I joined the website I was a distributor for a plant product that helps your body to release more of your own adult stem cells.  In the Neothink website forums on medical problems, longevity and business alliance I was able to post about my product and so found new distributors and customers.  I also heard about new products and services that I could take advantage of.

I really enjoy the news articles and the personal and Clubhouse neo-spaces where I can meet others “up close and personal”.  I have found the new sections that archive the National Heirloom and Clubhouse conference calls so valuable for me and my team.

My experience of the Neothink Society would be entirely different if not for the website.  I can count on the creativity, love and support of my National family.

Thank you,

Sharon W.

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