Protection and Freedom support each other

At 347 you talk about the valid purpose of government being one of protecting the people.You say when government goes beyond that valid purpose then it begins to push its agenda on the people so that if they do not succumb to that force the consequences can be harmful and in history have even lead to tyranny and prison. I agree, we have seen this historically; we see this today with NDAA 3031 that eradicates our constitutional law of due process and allows incarceration of citizens without trial based on accusation of non-allegiance to govmnt. How the mighty have fallen. The flaw with man in gvmnt. is the intent to interpret laws and amend them towards a particular agenda outside of protecting our constitutional rights. The Prime Law, you describe is an over-arching amendment which restores the constitution to its purpose without compromise. Protection and Freedom support each other when the rule of man pushing flaw filled laws on the people does not prevail.

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