PRIME LAW is the political answer

I just saw that Mark Hamilton’s address to the New Jersey Twelve Visions Party (TVP) has been loaded at!

What an exciting day! I can see the future, that as we go out into the world, so few people will understand – but some will be willing to look and learn more – and all we need to do is be there and let them look. As more and more people look, our numbers will grow and grow.

PRIME LAW is the political answer that EVERYONE is looking for. All of the ‘yeah but what about…’s are, as you have pointed out, “a-points” (“You’ve got a point”), but they miss “The-Point”. Finally, FINALLY!! Someone (You, Mark Hamilton) has cut through the confusion to bring clarity to political debate. And it is so easy now! It is so easy to compare ANY PLAN or ANY LEGISLATION to one simple principle “Does this initiate force, threat of force, or fraud?”

“But we’ve got to do something!!!” scream the career politicians who use passing legislation as a road to personal glory.

If it is not governments proper purpose, then government need not do anything about it.

What an incredible freedom it will be when ‘the political problem solvers’ are no longer allowed to use initiatory force, threat of initiatory force, and fraud in their attempts at solving all the worlds problems. It seems so little to ask of politicians, that they find solutions that do not involve initiatory force, threat of initiatory force, or fraud.

So Simple! So clear!
And anyone who opposes it can be shown to be in direct support of violence and fraud.

This foot traveler is going to keep taking one step after another.

Thanks and Love to you, Mark Hamilton!


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