Power thinking and Mini-Day

Hello, my name is Evan.  I’ve been a member of the Neothink Society for almost 2 years now. I didn’t want to write a testimonial because I don’t feel like my life has changed enough yet.  I spent a lot of time reading the prime material and somewhere in there it says “rational thought and constant effort create desired results”.  The reality is that my efforts haven’t been constant enough and changes take time.  My way of thinking about several concepts has definitely changed.  My understanding about finances has improved and that’s starting to show.  My diet and health has improved some.  I learned about power thinking and mini day scheduling so my time management skills have improved.
I also learned about mysticism and how it holds us back.  I still have some limitations to overcome.  I’m confident that with time and effort I’ll achieve all of my goals.  The knowledge that I’ve gained from the society’s reading material is helping me accomplish those goals quicker than I would have on my own.


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