Playing…Working…interchangeable ideas…

Playing…Working…interchangeable ideas, when our reality is in alignment. And it’s so funny, like you say, Mark Hamilton, the villains on movies are so often the businessmen. But, of course, that has also been a reality sometimes, like in the 1800’s when child labor was common, and ordinary workers were worked to death on 10, 14, 18 hour shifts. And currently, Big Business and Big Pharma are our new business criminals. But it’s so true that all the good business people who are out there trying to help people, and raise up humanity, are often denigrated for their efforts, like Henry Ford, and Hill, and so many others who wanted to use their money and power for the greater good. But playing is the natural way of things. That’s why children love to help adults do things, and as long as nobody tells them, “ugh, this is work–you don’t wanna do this!” then they feel good about it. Play as work, work as play, it all opens up our hearts, minds, spirits, and raises our energy vibrational levels. Now we’ve gotta dig out all those internalized ‘no’s,’ and ‘stop that,’ and ‘be serious’ type critical comments from our psyches, so we can replace them all with, ‘good job at playing!’ and ‘wow, awesomely creative!’ The library’s closed today, so I’m over here at the Starbucks! LOL!

Lisa N.

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