People who attack Mark Hamilton have an agenda of their own

Dear Mark,

People who attack Mark Hamilton have an agenda of their own. They are like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain who tries to keep the truth from being exposed. They criticize his methods, techniques and seemingly overstated pronouncements. What they (especially the powerful elite) are threatened by is that once you are accountable for yourself, your own actions, then there is no one else to blame and control of your life is returned to you. You become less vulnerable to the opinions of others and start to ground your thinking and actions to reality. To what does exist and not what you hope exists.

I’ve read just about everything Mark has published. I find his writings to be liberating. My mind is no longer wasting time on the unnecessary and worthless stimuli that gets you nowhere in life. Mark doesn’t hold back, doesn’t sugarcoat things hoping you will by his books. Think for yourself. Read this material and judge it for yourself. He has always offered your money back if you aren’t satisfied. What are those who criticize Mark Hamilton offering? What promises are they making? What do they gain by trying to convince you that Mark is a huckster? Find out for yourself if he is by reading the material being presented to you.

Prior to reading Mark Hamilton’s Neothink manuscripts I was not aware of the need to be honest.

I was a sheep. Doing what everyone else I knew did. Lie if I had to, to avoid the punishment and consequences. Blaming others for things that didn’t turn out the way I thought they should. It was never “My Fault”.

I wasn’t a bad person as I rationalized that little “white lies” didn’t cause much harm. I was full of what Mark describes as mysticism.

These manuscripts are so powerful and honest that it changed the way I looked at reality. It helped me see the mysticism (non and/or false reality) in myself.

Although I still have some mysticism I now have the knowledge of what it is and don’t lie to myself about it anymore. No, I didn’t become wealthy immediately after reading these works. My romantic love life didn’t suddenly soar to unknown heights. These things require great effort and take some time.

You see, the real secret is really no secret at all. It is the full understanding that anything of value requires conscious hard effort. How could it be any other way?

I will continue to put forth the honest effort to achieve what I want in my life. That’s the only way it will ever happen.

Thanks Mark for showing me where the mirror was and convincing me that (although painful at times) I need to look at it honestly and forget the opinions of others. Form your own opinions and you will be better for it.

Barry C.

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