Our perceptions are our reality

Our perceptions are our reality.  People see the world through different lenses because we have been processing different data since we are born.  Some of these data are based on experience, and other were received from a countless of other sources, including our fathers, family, teachers, religious people, politicians, etc.  Some of this information is based on facts and is true; and other is based on prejudices and even lies developed insidiously by ourselves or others, by ignorance or on purpose.  With this ample array of confusing information as our most precious tool in a given time, we make multiple decisions that will affect our lives forever.

After many right guesses and many mistakes and, if certain level of maturity is reached, some of us decide to make the most important journey of all:  the conscious effort to genuinely know ourselves better and the world that surround us.  With an open and objective mind and trying to use full rationality, we realize that some data that we took as face value is completely erroneous no matter the source.  We also realized how many decisions we took with so little or missing data.  Also, we begin to feel the sensation that we’ve been deceived (with false or misleading data) in many ways for many people, and even sadly for those that we are suppose to trust because it is their main duty to protect us. To name a few: religious people, politicians, even doctors, etc. Some of them don’t even do what they preach.

A slight discomfort begins to grow inside you as you make more mini-integrations and suddenly realizes that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world, something you cannot fully comprehend.  Knowing all the potential of man and how capable of doing such great things you wonder why some terrible things still happen.  It simply does not make sense.

Without full comprehension of why we haven’t been able to prosper at our full potential, one unconsciously begin to feel frustrated, powerless, and even avoid to think to much about our current state merely to protect our mental health. You also lose hope and faith on humanity.  At this point, we begin to live in automatic and without a higher purpose; and life is not that precious any more.

Near that point I was when I received the invitation to the Neothink world.  I know now I was just longing for it.  My experience has been profoundly simple: I had never been able to do all the necessary integrations to comprehend the world and free myself from the matrix of mysticism and deception that withheld my growth.  With Neothink technology, I became completely free and powerful and get again on track to becoming the person I was meant to be. This time for sure! I was even allowed to get a peek of the world we all deserve in the third volume and I can really felt it in my core.  Hope and faith were reestablished. Thank you, Mark Hamilton.  I am eternally grateful. I love you man.


Víctor Ariel M

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