Only I saved my life reading the neothink books

Dear Mark,
Hi, how are you. I am writing today about my current situation. Time is running, media, politics group, bureaucratic, and other destructive groups shaking their hand how they can destroy again Mark Hamilton, and his neothink society, twelve vision party. Because it is their nature, and they are living in this way, take away valuable person’s value and put their invaluable life, and they statement to public, they are making all people valuable, but what is hidden their behind? All innocent people’s very valuable real life, which is unknown to everyone. Cause their career politics, they never accept depoliticize law, which is makes all people’s freedom of life, and living like millionaire, without any authorities ruling law. Although it is my own experience , and involved with my own living life. I can say their every action and movement is destructive and horrible. How ever i got my way with you and your neo-think society, i can assure to you, you are only one person who can save our country and us with your associates. Because i am not genius like you or everyone else, just i read your literature, after read your some books, i understand to them also i am facing those kind of false rule and regulation for long time which i can’t stopped to them. When i wanted communicate with you, that’s every time disconnected from you. Only I saved my life read the neothink books. Only i depended on your book and Frank R. W’s NT discovery. Now I am hearing from you some exciting life, which can be happen for me, when no media and other dishonesties not involve with us. I believe one day Neothink bursting every where, and then only public understand about the neothink society, twelve visions party. Lot of things went on, still some thing going on, so there is no doubt you are the number one. Nobody can’t usurp power any more as you are showing to us. When i see their hoax of illusion, really i was smiling, and remember your word about them, exactly same. Any way i hope you are going on the top. Even i wanted they must understand about their nature of destruction. Now i am looking for your other books, for more knowledge. Thank you.

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