Once I was Lost…Now I Know the way.

Once I was Lost…Now I Know the way.
Thanks to Secrets reviled in the Neothink Manuscripts, many questions have been answered for me.

Don’t get me wrong I always felt like I was one or two steps ahead of the “average Joe” mentally & physically, and I wondered why so many
people didn’t quite   “get it”  as far as I was concerned.  What I
did know is that this thing called “civilization” was going in the wrong direction in a BIG way, and seemed to be taking the majority of  the population  with it.  How is it, I wondered, that the majority of people never open their minds to the possibilities, within each of us, to act together as a FORCE, rather than against one another, FORCING.  The Neothink manuscripts answers this so clearly for me giving us the knowledge of :
1) WHO have kept the real secrets from us
2) HOW this has been perpetrated
3) WHY most Human Beings are easily led by the Perpetrators.
4) WHAT I can do about it.
Before reading the Neothink Manuscripts I felt as if my life was pretty easy going…things seemed to fall into place just when I needed them to, and my business seemed to be going well.  After I was introduced to the secrets of business shown to me by the Manuscripts I realized that I was only grazing the surface of what I could really accomplish.  The secrets showed me how to maximize all of my time through D.T.C.

Now I know that there are many more people, like minded, that are getting together to create the FORCE to move all of society out of the DARKNESS of FOLLOWING and into the LIGHT of CREATING for themselves.

I can’t wait to see what we can all do together…Sky’s the limit….

Jon G.

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