Numbers, numbers, hmmm, ok, numbers!

Numbers, numbers, hmmm, ok, numbers! I’m just letting myself contemplate this information once again, since it’s very alien to me. I’m a super right-brained, out there, artsy type, although my corpus Colosseum works pretty well, so I’m also gifted with the scientific, logical kind of thinking. But numbers has never been my forte. I am, however, willing to give up that idea of myself, if necessary! And if needed. I do already know that if I translate numbers, or money thinking, into emotion, then I can get a handle on it that way, as in; ‘handling money well equals freedom.’ Then I can grok it. I can make myself care and do it well. On the other hand, I guess it’s ok to approach it as I tend to do, which is understand it from the people point of view, and create stellar ideas of how to bring in more customers that way, or how to cut costs by simple, logical deduction…does that count? LOL! Anyway, I’ll keep contemplating this numbers thing….
Lisa N.

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