NT is always teaching honesty

Let me give you another example in my life: I took this knowledge (The Full Support of my Parents up bringing and my hard work.) I can remember when I was just 14 year old and working for a Vinyl Siding contractor.  I learned every aspect of installing that vinyl siding. By the time I was 17years old, I had my own vinyl siding business as a subcontractor. Even better than that “I never had a service call on any of my work.”  This was unheard of for vinyl Siding.  Before they hired me every job would need a service call.  I got so good, that the Biggest Home Improvement firm in the US wanted to know the in’s and out‘s on how to install vinyl siding.  I not only showed them and the other subcontracting crews how to install but they asked me to travel with them to meet with a room full of Vinyl Siding production Managers across the country to show them what I had learned.  They liked the way that I explained how to install the siding so much when I asked them if I could be a salesman for them they hired me on the spot.  I remember arriving on my first day as a Salesman.  Everyone in the sales dept kept saying, “A siding installer will never be able to sell vinyl siding.”  I hit the books on sales hard.  The 1st month I went out 16 times and never sold a vinyl siding job.  I kept hearing the echoes of the other sales people say, “This is no surprise there has never been an installer that could sell our product.”  I couldn’t give up because I felt as if every appointment was a learning experience and I was putting the puzzle together piece by piece.  After speaking to every top sales person in the organization, I learned that I was not selling vinyl siding.  I was selling value. I need to create as much value as possible in order to make the sale. The next month I went out 18 times and sold all 18 appointments. (A new company record at the time.  I ended up beating that record later on.)  I then went on to be the #1 Salesperson of the Year and all the perks that went with it.  Fortunately for me my Professional sport career was taking off so it was time for me to move on.  I did the same thing with my Company I now own.  I learned the profession, broke it down, made it better, found my path to success and followed it.  My Parent s taught me to always have a road map.  Another words, Write Down where you want to be in total detail.  The way to do this is write down your goal (Business) at its greatest success (where you want it to be) and then write down where you are now.  Then you just work backwards from where you would like to be to where you are presently.   I have 3 homes, two vacation homes and one primary Residence.  I have been called a work-0-Holic. I also own a good number of Cars, Motorcycles, and boats.  Fresh Water Bass Fishing is the love of my life.  I just recently, because of NT entered in a few local fishing tournaments.  I did so much homework on fishing those lakes I ended up winning 1st place.  Since childhood (for as long as I can now remember) my entire life I have always wanted to get into the stock market.  This for some reasons would never happen.  Every time I have gotten close to learning the stock market I just couldn’t for one reason or another (I moved or got so busy I couldn’t get to it and quite frankly I was a bit intimidated by it.)  Well since NT, I am now learning the stock market.  I am so excited, I don’t want to stop.  A financial adviser told me “The knowledge that I have gain in the last 2 months is unheard of.  He went on to tell me he never saw anyone so in tune with the market in such a short period of time.  He said he has been doing it for 28 years and cannot even comprehend how I could be accumulating this kind of knowledge in such a short time.  I am so happy, the stock market is so right for me. It’s where I was meant to be. Thanks to NT I know that now.  I wake up with excitement and energy.
Let me give you one more example of the greatness of NT.   NT is helping me see to the essence of things.  It’s incredible.  If you have never experienced it don’t knock it.  I went into a negotiation the other day and I could read people so much better.  I was so impressed with what I learned through NT.  I still can’t stop thinking about it.  I read the other person so well, I saved my client 4 million dollars. From my Client and me, Thank you NT for showing me the way to see what really is: to see the true essence of things.

NT view on individual rights is how I was brought up.  If you have not researched NT’s point of view on individual rights well let me tell you it’s right on the money. Every individual should be treated the same as any other individual. If we all do this: You will see white rights, black rights, women’s rights, Hispanic rights, ect…. All vanish from the face of the earth. To have that happen would make anybody’s God Happy!

NT is always teaching honesty.  What better way to live life but thru honesty.  NT shows you how to put all the goodness in life together. From Honesty, to wealth, to creation, to happiness and good health.  My thought is how any civilized human being could not want all the goodness in life for themselves; love ones and everyone around them.  NT means no harm to anyone. In fact it’s just the opposite. Human Life, mine yours and every human in the universe.  Even people NT has never met are sacred.  Love for family and friends are precious!  I will end with “Life with NT is good!”


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