Now, with NT I don’t think there’s anything that will stop me…

“My Life”
By Greg M.

Hello, my name is Greg M., and this is the short story of my life.

I was born on March 11, 1980 to a great big family.  But, when I came into this world I have a few problems.  I won’t go into any details, but, I will tell you the results.  I was a normal child; nothing weird, but a bit slow.  I had problems with reading, everything else was good.

In my teenage years I moved from Elizabethtown to Mount Joy.  On the plus side of things, looking back at my life, I remember having a good number of friends, played football, went to Vo-Tech and discovered I was good in art.  On the negative side of things, I was hit by a car, my Grandfather and mother died and I didn’t really know were I was going in life.  I didn’t have any plans.  I did make plans to go to collage in 1999.  I went to York Vo-Tech to become a Graphic Designer.  I went through most of the courses, but at the end I couldn’t get through it because of my lack of reading and study skills.  These played a big roll in my leaving.

Since then I’ve been working other jobs and keeping out of trouble.  I believe that I will make a path that works for me with the guiding ideals of NT.

Here’s a big question: How has my life changed with the Society of Secrets?

Well, my life has changed and I believe that NT has a lot to do with that.  My life in the past was always more about doing things the easy way, for the quick fix.  Now, with  NT I don’t think there’s anything that will stop me from getting through to my goals.

Another question: What does a “Life of great journey” mean to me?

Yeah, I’d have to say that a “Life of great journey” is a life lived to the best a person could live.  A “life of great journey” to me is to live doing what I wish to do, having a great family, a job I like and want to do.  Over all, not having anything not finished that is important to me.

Thank you for you time, I hope you know me better now.

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