Now, I’m getting paid to do something I love to do

I started reading Neothink material 10 years ago.  My self-improvement is coming along slower than most. However my level of mysticism was much higher than normal due to the subliminal mental programming that the lyrics of my favorite music pounded into my unconscious mind. Realizing that country music is too often an instrument of recruitment for religion and big government I was in deep conflict with my attraction to the sound of a steel guitar and my repulsion to the secular suggestions and abuse of one’s love partner in the lyrics.  Being broke and fed up with the music business and the klanish types that run it, I dumped it all and started a home study course on computer science and network communications.  I am now a network engineer for a local university tripling my income and level of self-worth. All I could think of through those long nights of studying is the Neothink manual stating ‘people who work 12 to 16 hours a day are most likely to achieve their goals’. It wasn’t easy working 60 hours a week and qualifying myself through a home study course on computer communications to get a better job than the 7-dollar an hour factory job I had at the time. But the Neothink phrases kept bouncing around in my mind whenever I got an inkling of mysticism and felt like goofing off. Now, I’m getting paid to do something I love to do, fix repair and most of all program computers in a large office environment keeping a network of 240 administrators and 900 Students on the intranet and internet. I feel richer because it’s work I really enjoy, not just because it pays well.  The changes are starting to show up. I had a feeling it would take ten years of ‘de-programming’ an improperly programmed mind of thirty years of mysticism. Thank you.

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