Not only has NEOTHINK helped my professional life…


I am pleased with the progress and insights that I have gained by becoming a member of the NEOTHINK Society.  Since utilizing the mini-company theory and TSM concepts, I have been promoted to position of division manager at my job.  Imagine, after 23 years at this company, by allowing my C of the P to apply these teachings, I was able to attain the position that I was denied twice before.

Not only has NEOTHINK helped my professional life, but, it also helping my personal life.  I have been able to motivate my spouse to incorporate some of these concepts and he also has been promoted at his job.  And, he doesn’t even realize the underlying reasons why.  You see, he is just mirroring my actions and it’s working!

I can’t wait to see how NEOTHINK will impact my kids’ lives.  This miracle can go on and on and on.  .  . .

I am ready to fully embrace the ground-breaking opportunities that await.  I truly understand and know that when others “truly understand”, they too will understand.  Let those have an ear to hear, hear!

Natalie H.

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