No Help At All From The System

First i give thank to the higher power of the universe. For Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society. For reaching me at a crucial time in my life. I went thought some tough time with my mom,relationship,financial, and depression with my mom, trying to keep her from been place in the nursing home. My family people was no help at all,their or 8 of us in all,well my sister tryed but she got scared off. Mark Hamilton first letter that i got in my mailbox at the right time. It up lift my sprit and their was a feeling all over me. Then i knew that i wanted to be all i can be in this life. Then i started to think is this real. Then i said ok’ i will give it a try. It open my eyes to realize that this is right for me. I thank Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society so much that i am begin to cry, right now. The system was dishonest,I try all i could do to keep her at home. But it look like harder i try the more the system work against me. So finally the system place her in the nursing home. My mom didn’t want to be their and i didn’t want her to and she didn’t have to be in the nursing home. About two week later they abuse my mom.This guy that work their hit my mom very hard on the side of her head. Their was a big knot on her face. I ask my mom what happen she told me the guy that hit her. But he wouldn’t talk to me. My mom was right about this guy that hit her. My brother just found out about 5yr later after my mom dead and gone the guy that hit my up side the head with him fit it was him. Anyway, i went to see my mom the next day and i talk to the person that took care of her the day befor. She said that my mom didnot have that knot on her head. So i had this minn tap recorder with me, and one of the worker told the head nurse, and they stop me from visiting my mom in her room. I had to sit and wait in the lobby until they bring her down to see me.I call adult protection and reported them about my mom been abuse.The system had all the information they need to do something about it but they didn’t do anything about it. At that time i had no money for a lawyer, but they probable would have paid him off to. It just goes to show you that don’t care about us. Just like Michal Jackson song said. Government just don’t care but they love to spend money and not doing their job. We need some honest people to be government and take action. Not someone to lead us, and bring us out of this anti-civilization that we live in now.

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