Neothink – what does it mean “A new way of thinking”

Neothink – what does it mean “A new way of thinking” think about where you are at in your life, are you in that same old routine rut? put there not so much by personal choice but more from circumstance? You have bills, obligations, perhaps a family, what ever your situation may be, do you find your self thinking if only I could ………? This is exactly what Mark Hamilton is teaching in his books he shows us how we CAN, and its really quite simple, you don’t have to change jobs, take a chance at starting your own business, go out on a limb just waiting for it to break and fall to the ground, simple change the way you approach things starting with your current situation, step back examine what you are doing and what is going on look at things from a different angle, make a few minor adjustments and start down that path to value creation and self satisfaction and life fulfillment, Neothink, a new way of thinking, and everyone can do it, Mark simply points out the process and shows us how. The life you were meant to live is there just waiting for you to find it.
Craig B.

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