NeoThink Was Right On Time

I was solicited somewhere around 2006 to purchase the first heirloom manuscript. It was not that long after 911, and I was down, and hardly able to pick myself up. The solicitation sounded dubious, but I saw past that, thinking, this might be interest, at least. So I wrote the check, and made the plunge (into new knowledge).

Well, to say the least, not only was it a new knowledge, it opened up a whole world of knowledge to me. I’ve been Christian most of my life. This NeoThink, which Mark Hamilton has introduced to myself, and numerous others, has helped me form a more realistic perspective on God, Himself, Whom now I can love, without fear.

Writing in a spiral notebook, sometimes daily, I have broken through to new insights that I wonder who else has gained, besides myself. My old face, long chiseled into a permanent unhappy look, is beginning to develop the “smile muscles,” because nowadays I have much to smile about.

It’s because I worry less about what’s going on in the world; because I have this wonderful world of Neothink within.

So, thanks, Neothink, and Mark Hamilton,
the author of this very soul-filled literature.

Chester H.

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