Some years ago my life was in a mess. I had been divorced, I was a bundle of nerves with no self confidence, and my job was not going well. That should not have been surprising as my thinking patterns had become very negative. The future was not looking good….

It was during that period in my life when it arrived. It was a rather unusual letter, and there was something about it that stopped me from binning it with the rest of the junk mail. It lay on my desk for some days, and I kept reading it, until one day, I made up my mind, filled in the form and mailed it.

The package finally arrived, and when I got into it I immediately realized that this was what I had been searching for so many years. I spent the next couple of days devouring Neothink and it just blew me away. By the Monday I had shed layers of unearned guilt. I had found the answers, and was literally walking on air.

It also identified those that were draining my life away, and helped me to construct an impregnable wall against the politicians and all their instruments of destruction, and it exposed all their lies. My negative thinking slowly turned around, my job improved, and I met a wonderful woman whom I married.

Now I am running my own small engineering consultancy. My thinking and emotions are right at the top of the positive scale. I see myself as a winner, and others can see it too.

I may not have hit the big league as far as earnings go, but I have become a person of value. And the more things improve, the more they get better. I am very excited to be part of the Neothink movement and the groundswell that is now taking place.

I would like to thank Mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart for bringing Neothink to me, and for what it did for me.

Sid N.

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