Neothink Society – What a journey!

What a journey with the Neothink Society!  For me, it started with all the self-help out there, I was searching for ways to improve myself as well as uncover the bogus information that surrounds the many cultures of the world.  I figured with the information, I could help my friends & family.  Then on August 11th, 2007, I received the initial invitation to the Neothink Society.  This became the most enlightening time of my 43 years.   With completion of my first reading of the multigenerationals and access to the Neothink Society website, I was flooded with information making my head swim.  Yet, there was this smile on my face growing every minute

Reading the multigenerationals took me back to being a child knowing that the world was filled with endless possibilities.  Nothing was impossible!  I dreamed I was floating around in my house & I knew one day it would happen (I still believe we will control gravity).   By 3rd grade, society was already weighing down my classmates as many would say, “I can’t do that.”  My 3rd grade teacher, Ms. C, straightened us out by saying, “You’re an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCAN’T.”  We can do anything while helping others with discipline, thought, and then control.

I spent most of my childhood involved in scouting, always questioning nature & how to overcome it while staying in the thick of it.  When I received my Eagle Scout, my scoutmaster said, “Someday you will do something big!”  Every time I share with him a “Something Big,” he says, “No, that wasn’t it.”  Even my educational path wound me to a Masters program in Organizational Leadership where our director told us to Question Everything to include the director himself.   Questions build ideas which build concepts which build puzzles which build new knowledge.

The biggest thing of all that I remember, was since about the 6th grade was saying, “I will bowl a strike when I am 125 years old.”  Everyone laughed at me.  I hope they become a member of the Neothink Society to see me prove it!!!  I just wonder how many of my mentors are members of the Neothink Society???

So, this brings us to my birthday on March 7th of this year, 2008.  I decided as my present & after much research on the happenings nationally and in my state with the Neothink Society, that I would start a Neothink Society Clubhouse.  Using the techniques discussed in the prime literature, I gathered all the data necessary to get going in Tennessee.  Yes, I asked myself the “what ifs” with some not getting answered.  I still moved FORWARD!!!!

Another Tennessean & I spoke and he, as I, was eager to be active.  So, we jumped in with both feet within 4 days, Friday through Monday, we were a launched team within the Neothink Society.  The Neothink Society – Nashville PLUS, TN is here!!!!!!  We have made contact with many members in Tennessee & are very excited.  These are the times of dreams coming true.  We will grow as the need arises allowing all Tennesseans to have easy access to a clubhouse meeting.  As of this writing, we have opened another clubhouse in Savannah.  The plans are to have 10 clubhouse, statewide, to start out.

Let’s Keep The Playground Open & when we get stuck in whatever you do, don’t give up.  You’re an AmeriCAN, and you can always Ask Your Inner Child!!!!


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