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Several years ago I was invited to experience an awakening to my life and given an opportunity to become a member of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society. My membership started with my 12 personal online mentor meetings with Mr. Hamilton. During these meetings and through the literature of the Neothink Society I began to understand that I was cared for and loved. I later began to realize that the reason for this love and care was because everything that is at the core of Neothink Society values re-establishes the fact that I am a beautiful creation of life and that there is an inner child within me that can find that long forgotten happiness and joy for living once again.

The inner child desires to thrive within all of us; however, we live in a world that continually suppresses the hopes and aspirations of many through the negativity that seems to be the story of the day in so many lives. We hear of wars, failed economies, violence, and the destruction of so many lives at the hands of ignorance. How can we feel excited about life with all of this going on around us?

Mark Hamilton has created a vision with a workable plan for the betterment of all, both in the United States and throughout the world through the building up of the Neothink Society. I have seen this being actualized in my own life through my involvement with the Neothink Society. My newly awakened love for life and understanding that I did not have to live in the social limitations set before me caused me to publish a book, something that I would not have had a mind to do so if it were not for my involvement in the Neothink Society.

I was supported in this creation of mine by Mark Hamilton personally who actually sent out a marketing blast about my book that lead to the sales of over 200 copies from within the membership base. He also has placed my book for sale in his web sites product sales page, (Neothink Business Alliance Category). Since that time my book is continuing to be sold in Barnes and Noble, at Amazon Books, and various other locations within the general public. In the Neothink Society values that are created by its members are recognized and supported.

Today my involvement in the Neothink Society has become a major activity that I look forward to in life through nightly calls where we read and discuss the writings of Mark Hamilton and others that are working to make the world a better place. Recently Mr. Hamilton has transformed his web site into more than a social network. The Neothink Society is a family and, just as you strive to give the best to your family, the Neothink Society provides its love and support to its members through these nightly calls. During these calls we read and discuss the story of how our lives, our society, and the world will be transformed into a place of wealth, health, and peace.

There are so many Internet scams today online that many feel they cannot trust the Internet. However, most scams do not offer anything unless you first pay the money up front. Not so with Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society. If anyone goes to and signs up to receive the news letter they will also receive a weekly announcement of general public calls that they can participate in. There is the Golden Seekers Call, a 50+ group of individuals that call every Friday morning to discuss how to take advantage of better health options for the elderly. You can also tune into the Sunday Artists Call where you can meet musicians, writers, and artists that get on the call to share your own personal values from the heart. And you will be invited to participate as much or as little as you like in this family’s activities. I live a fairly restricted lifestyle caring for a disabled adult. This restricts my ability to get out in public; you might say I am what is called a shut in.

Because of the nightly meetings I can attend through my active Neothink Society membership, I have a way to connect with people so that I don’t feel so alone in my world of caring for the disabled. The Neothink Society is one of the most valued things in my life today. I have made friends through the Neothink Society from around the world. A Neothink Society friendship is more than a casual greeting; it is a connection from the heart. With the passing of my Dad last year, my Mom has pretty much given up on life – as if she is just waiting to die. I invited her to call in to the Golden Seekers Call on Fridays so that she will not have to be so isolated, and can have the opportunity to talk with other seniors that may be going through what she is.

I love my Mom and would never put her in the path of anything that might cause her harm. I feel fully confident in the Neothink Society – there is no threat of scam or being taken advantage of through this group and that is why I feel confident in inviting my Mom to take advantage of the Golden Seekers Call.

To anyone that feels alone in life, to anyone that is ready to give up, to any one with a broken heart; before you hang up your hat try placing it on the hat stand of the Neothink Society – it will always be a place you can call home. Thank you Mr. Hamilton, Thank you….

Elaine R.

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