Neothink saved my soul

Mark Hamilton

I commend you for your efforts. I am thinking about starting an A -Team in Topeka but my mind is somewhat blank right now. In the past I have dealt with many of the religious and political irrationalities and got beat up rather badly. But I am back. I will come around more and more.
The following is my response to your e-mail.

Neothink saved my soul. I read the literature of Neotech and for the first time in my life I began to see what was real. The problem is that Neotech did not come into my life untill approx. 19 years ago at age 28.   I had fallen to many bogus political ploys but the worst was the deception of religion. I had religion forced down my throat growing up and still do. Where is the freedom in this type of forcefullness ? And so I read the bible many times so I could see for myself its meaning. I read the Old Testament twice and the New Testament 7 times. What I saw from what I read from the bible changed my life forever for I had read an equal amount of literature on Neotech. Between Christiananity and Neotech there is no comparison. Neotech is about honesty, about what is real. Action upon and thinking upon what is real…. is what Neotech is about. Even though the Bible has many  moral enriching stories it also uses the deadly tools of Faith and Guilt.The concept of Faith which is one of the tools religion relies upon is a very controlling word  it is a word without Justice. Having  Faith on anything then is to allow oneself to be controlled. Faith is believing in something that may or may not be real. It is that “may not be real” that bugs me about  the word Faith. Guilt is not a bad word in itself but to inflict unearned Guilt upon someone is Treachery.
Aristotle once mentioned that happiness is about self sufficiency and using reasoning to fulfill your abilities. Religion subordinates the individual taking many of their reasoning abilities making them dependent on the very mechanism that slowly destroys them. And little by little Religion and Politics steal away freedoms which makes self sufficiency neary impossible for many.
For most of my life I have  lived between both worlds, the world of Neotech as oppossed to the  world of (polictics and religion). I hear that reading Neotech is very disturbing with most people. The concepts of Neotech have been the most uplifting insights that I have ever come across. The structure of the Neotech thinking moves in concert with my mind. To me this type of thinking is how the rest of the conscience beings throughout the universe act upon. In a Neotech society there is no subordination. The leaders would be business leaders but they would be helping people become self leaders not withholding information. This is a win win situation for everyone.
I have studied the martial art of Aikedo. The Aikedo philosophy is one of pure Self  Defense and if  Self  Defense of physical aggression  is not an option that must be dealt with in a current circumstance then the individual moves freely and naturally helping others moving them and society forward. Helping  people move forward in life is a  parallel way of the higher law of Self  Defense because it sidesteps aggression. Aikedo perpetuates the higher law of Self  Defense as likewise Neotech does.  Aikedo and Neothink have both served me well.
From what I have read about Jesus is that his real goal was  grander than what the bible portrays. The bible does coinside with what Jesus tried to accomplish in the degree that he was trying to bring about a renaissance that has never been experienced on this planet. I commend Jesus. He is one of the few individuals throughout history that put the Horse before the Cart. His reasoning was very simple. He noticed during his time and place to the degree that the leaders  controlled the peasants to subordination. Jesus merely tried to teach the people that the voice that they heard was not outside of their head (religious and political factions) but was their own voice within themselves. Many people of that time were liberated just as Neotech liberates people of our time and place.
The Declaration of Independance was a masterpiece in courage. One of the things that Jefferson and others stated was that the higher order of  human beings (structure of the mind) are the laws of  Nature and of Nature’s God. If there is a god/gods then they have obtained their power of altering nature by means of obeying nature’s laws. Therefore we the people then  are gods in ruins because we have given away our power and so have allowed ourselves to be controlled  by the most unmmoral of individuals that walk this planet.
The prime law of a Neotech society  is one of protecting the individual and their property.  Self  Defence of oneself and property  and the Defence of others and their property is the most rational law that any highly evolved society could obtain. A Neothink society on this planet would free the geniuses  to master their crafts. Technology in every field would race forward as  Computer technology does today. The result would be a healthy,happy,romantic,and an endlessly prosperous society.  Everybody wins!

ronnie b.

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