Neothink methods and mindset fit is great…

Dear Mark,

Since coming on board last summer, here is what has happened for me.

* I saw the big picture of how all the disjointed things I was doing fit into one big Neothink puzzle.

* I finally admitted that my FNE was all about motivating people to use their talents and passion to reach the dream of living life on their own terms right now; not some time in the future.

* I show people that they can control energy and matter with their thoughts and consciousness at will. (Revamp of a Web site I have now is underway to articulate this idea in a realistic, non-mystical sort of way)

* Everyone has a talent and that talent can be turned into a business that builds happiness and life freedom.

* There are specific steps one can take to create a winning sales process that makes any business successful, as hard, integrated thinking combines with Action to turn what were once dreams into real-life successful realities.

Because of Neothink, in my business called Develop Your Vision
( I was able to see how to explain what I do in this area more succulently.

I find great happiness in helping people discover their talents in business and then show them how to create an enterprise that sustains them with it.
One of my 10-Second Miracles brought about this most recent revamp of the Develop Your Vision idea.

In my business called Creating Words That Sell
( I am able to develop a winning sales process for businesses that can be handed off and help people accomplish the prime goal of business, to build wealth.

Again, Neothink methods and mindset fit is great as well, since it was this teaching that has motivated me to see all this clearly.

In the past, I have seen small business as the future of the American Economy, but in reality the freedom small business can create for the individual is really leading to the future of the entire world.

I also have connected with a local AZ Neothink classmate. We have formed a mini company around his FNE of front line, value creation sales.

I have been more successful this year using the ideas I learned in Neothink multigenerationals than I have in 2-decades.

Thank you, Mark for your excellent work

Bill G.

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