Neothink is the future, and has been our past …

Mark Hamilton is a very good person, and I admired his dads research. Neothink is the future, and has been our past since we were born and beyond. We are all thought {incarnate} of everything we see; touch; smell, feel. We are the universe; and the universe is us. Creators; of thought, and from that, reality appears. Our energy has no beginning or end. We are both sides of a mirror; self reflection; of what was, is, and tomorrow’s views of everything. I am , Who I Am, What I Am. The beginning end end; of our future tapestries. Our minds are the pattern’s to all existence. A realm of paths we’ve created from the beginning of time. Before physical birth we were all ready being programed by are own existence, a Embryo of eternity with know beginning, or end. Our hair on our head was counted. Our breath of life chosen. We are equal beings set upon this earth to see if we’ll evolve into Gods. If our knowledge will surpass normal understandings.

jeanne l

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