Neothink is the difference

A couple of years back, I invested into a promise that Mark Hamilton made to me. Now, I am on the journey to become the person I was meant to be. The idea of discovering the hidden power within was captivating and ever since Neothink’s introduction into my life, all I wanted to do was to discover this power before it was too late. I did not want life pass me by and with everything going on, I must ask that you shouldn’t either.

In today’s hour, the world is crumbling before our eyes. I see the face of terrorism in all its hate. I see the hand of a bad economy reaching in our pockets for our last dime. I see the fist of an indecisive government swinging with a heavy gavel and smashing its way to run our lives and I see an unreachable Medicare safety net because we have no jobs to pay for it. This needs to change and instead of waiting for a higher power to guide us, I am here to tell you that this power of Neothink is ours. We are the ones that will change this world.

There is no other way really. Look at it this way. Everything is connected, from top to bottom, bottom to top, from the young single mother pushing with a stroller, three kids at her side, and all of them living on their own because the father is in jail. She can’t afford to bring milk to table, because she has no job, because she was a dropout. And, so she waits there at the bus-stop for a bus that never comes, because the bus business went under, and she is there and looks at the empty gas station behind her, because the prices are outrages. One dime here, one dime there, the taxing becomes so overwhelming that the idea of trying to keep up a mortgage goes into a downward spiral that is somewhat parallel to the way the economy is going, and yet we are still trying to pay for soldiers stationed overseas and the are there because they are fighting in a war that should have been won a long time ago. Connected again I dare to say. Where I live, I see this everyday. There is no money here because it is all going over there: TO THE WAR! We are policing everybody else’s mess and in doing so, we are neglecting what matters most, you and me. What is going on? And guess what, we are letting it happen. We play along because that’s what the ruling class wants us to do, and in the long run, they keep the power. Why?

Neothink is the difference. When you invest in Neothink, you have the knowledge and power to lead the way. In my life, people come up to me and listen to what I have to say. When I step in a room, they move. When I write, they want to read it. This is important to me because if I can reach them and help them make changes into other lives, then I can say that I have done my job. I am doing for these people as much as Neothink has done for me and guess what, it feels good. I have not reached all my goals yet, but there is an inner guidance inside me that says it will happen. This is my Neothink.

I can speak my mind. I can be assertive when I feel the mysticism trying to press on me and I dismiss it on the spot. With Neothink, I can show the way to others when they are lost. With Neothink, it shows me that I don’t want to be the person people try to walk over on. Instead I am being the person trying to create values that others can use in their daily lives.
Easy as flipping a switch and changing thoughts, I ask you to use the full strength integration of your left and right brain. Neothink will show you that there is more out there than what we think we know or see. Imagine it, sitting at your desk in your office, running a company, bringing jobs to your community, and making a difference because you know you believe. So bring it. Neothink tells me I will have this life. This is what I have to do and without Neothink, this would not be possible. I want Neothink to do the same for you. Thanks, Mark Hamilton. I tip my hat off to you.

Your friend always, Robert R

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