Neothink is love…

Neothink is love… Rational self-love, combined with love for all honest individuals. The application of Neothink techniques has allowed me to live a life of meaning and purpose. My life has improved in so many wonderful ways because I have put honest effort into applying the 144 Neothink advantages. The entire Neothink library is full of value and integrations. This is the most honest and valuable body of work in print today. I am sure that future generations will appreciate the honest and straight forward values that the authors of Neothink have created for mankind. I believe Neothink is the only hope for mankind to avoid nuclear annihilation. Protecting Individual Rights from depredations by Church and State is the only rational course. Honesty and integrity integrated into individual actions, with love and compassion for your fellow man is the basis for the new society. Providing the opportunity for every individual to create values for themselves and build a secure future is the glue that holds society together. Force backed legislation and taxation drains a productive society. Neothink is the honest individuals shield from such assaults. Sacrifice no one!  Larry B.

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