Neothink is awesome and the way most Americans feel, but are afraid to…

Neothink is awesome and the way most Americans feel, but are afraid to say it, or cannot quite put it into words. It’s about total honesty and love for all that want to live a free and happy life and be in control of their future.  Neothink is the way Jesus was trying to get the peasants of the time to think when he was spreading his word and killed by the people in power at that time. Our forefathers built this country on the same concept, but the career politicians of the last 50 years have destroyed our forefathers vision of a free and prosperous country through their greed and Dishonesty. Neothink is the best answer I have seen in my life for fixing our lives and our country and being happy again.  I was a little skeptical and worried when I first started reading it because it seemed to say there was no god. But after reading further I seen that they were just trying to get the churches concept of god out of your mind and bring me to what I have always believed that there is a creator and he is not a god of wrath but a creator that put us here to love and live as prosperous self thinking and loving souls. Not put here to serve any church or any Government. I will not be the slave to any one man, Preacher, Or My Government. We need a government that acts within It’s perimeters and listens to the people, Not the out of control and very dangerous animal we have in place right now!!!  I just wish the whole world would read this literature at least once and be free and make up their own minds. If they had the chance I am sure 90% of them would say wow I want to live that Life.

Thank You Mark Hamilton For a chance at a life I and our American public Can be Proud of!


Lisle F

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