Neothink is a genuine attempt to help mankind …

Hi, Mark: I think the most pronounced thing that Neothink has brought to my life is a keener sense of integrations and power thinking. I have been able to ascertain why certain obstacles and counterproductive behaviors were placed in my path. I’ve been able to discern what was currently happening to reinforce the negatives and to make conscious decisions on next steps. These types of integrations were necessary to help me complete my dissertation, understand what transpired during my absence in my Mother’s transition, and these integrations have helped me emphatically come to the realization that it is time to move on from my current job of almost 19 years, the culture is not me.

I still don’t have the wealth, power, and romantic love my first Neothink letter described in February 2005, but at least I feel there is a family of Neothink members out there seeking to help me make my dreams come true. I don’t feel like I am so alone anymore. Also, it is comforting to know there is a name for what I have experienced at the hands of the anti-civilization, it is called neo-cheating. Many have described incidents that occurred to them in the anti-civilization, only to have their honesty and sincerity discounted. They are told and made to feel—“No, it is just your imagination.” Well, Neothink confirms some things are absolutely true and patterns have been established to such depths that they have been named. For example, “academic pimping” is real. “Soul-snatching” by theft of ones creative ideas is real and sanctioned in many workplace environments. These are just a few of the cultural norms in the anti-civilization.

Neothink is a genuine attempt to help mankind survive on earth by reaching higher levels of honor and integrity. It prescribes strategies, techniques and systems that work together to allow each human being the dignity, respect and opportunity to truly become all he or she want to be. There are no hidden agendas, the goal is simple: create a society that operates from a basis of honesty rather than our current one of treachery and deceit. Create a society that values human life and that nurtures value-producing life skills in every human being. A person like me who believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the son of the living God and that each of us are created in the likeness of God, would say quite frankly, Neothink is a way of life for those who seek the essence of spiritual enlightenment and self awareness. It is an expression of the highest form of godliness; it is free will in action; it is love; it is life. It could not be, except for the grace of God.

And So It Is. And So We Are. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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