Neothink has pulled the veil from my eyes.

Neothink has pulled the veil from my eyes.  I now see our reality as it really is.  What we initially see is delusional reality.  Neothink is a razor blade behind the eyeballs.  It truly is the cutting edge. It is the razors edge.  We need this edge to pierce the fabricated illusions and delusions built up in layers.  Neothink redefines our reality.  We have lived as the Living Dead.  Neothink has brought exhilaration to my organism.  Miracles happen more often.  I understand the secrets of this existence thanks to a large part to Neothink.  My waking reality is continual.  I am dedicating my new life emanating and bringing forth new creations.  I have discovered the god man-creator inside myself.  All things are diseased, and dying.  Neothink is living.

Ernest J.

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