Neothink has brought me from a state of…

Hey! Mark,
It’s always great to hear from you. Don’t worry too much about the anti civilization and what the neo-cheaters will do. They cannnot stand against Neothink and the true map to a new and life-changing society. That is why from where I live, have been very cautious and not spoken out about this wonderful opportunity that has truly changed my life and the way I think and feel for the rest of my life. Noone could possibily ever take from me what you have given to me in a wonderful gift. Do not put yourself in danger. You are too important to so many people; not to mention your own family.
   Will write a better testimony and send later. Just wanted to get something out there right away.
    Neothink has brought me from a state of deep depression, hopelessness, and despair;
to a life of exhiliration and excitement that can’t be put into words. Since joining the society a little over a year ago, I have gone from being stuck in stagnation, not going anywhere, to a zeal for life and it is just the beginning. For ten years had worked as a housekeeper feeling it was too late for real accomplishments. Have started to college and am making all A’s.
Am 55 years old with a tenth grade education. Took my GED at 19.
    Also wanted to mention how much the Neothink web-cite has increased my synergy and it is so wonderful to be able to communicate with other members who are like-minded. There has never been a group of people known to me that were so wonderfully connected.
The honesty open support have sent us soaring to new heights. Am sure that many others feel as blessed because have heard countless testimonies coming from the web-cite.
   Would encourage all people everywhere to plug into neothink and the Twelve Visions Party. Also, the Global Information Network will be our asset for the few fortunate ones who are able to plug in.
    If there is any material that ever comes by the pen of Mark Hamilton. please, please count me in. The answer will always be Yes!
 A Life-time Member of the Neothink Society,
Deborah S.

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