Neothink has been an essential and influential part of my…

Neothink has been an essential and influential part of my life’s
progress since the first package arrived. It put down in paper the
truths that i had so much wanted to believe and gave me proof of the
ideas of which i had always been searching for. It has given me the
initiative and base structure i need to tackle and accomplish my lifes
goals, which consist of becoming a famous and wealthy music artist and
entrepreneur, and literally anything else i set my mind to. It allows
me to be who i was meant to be and its teachings provide me with the
self confidence i need to really give me that extra edge and boost. It
is like my whole life this Neothink Society has been out there waiting
for me to read it and grasp its knowledge. I have always been a firm
believer in the things in these books but the books themselves gave
them focus and a purpose as they have also done with my life. It is
amazing to think where i would be now if i had never responded to the
letter in the mail. Chances are i would still be in fairly the same
proximity to where i am now, being a college drop out who decided to
totally flip  my life around and center it towards music and creativity
months before recieving the first book. I already had my dreams in my
sites..and some how Neothink knew they could provide me with much
needed help with them. Without Neothink i would be close to where i am
now in a physical sense..but with no where near the confidence,
knowledge, piece of mind, learning speed, motivation, determination, or
sanity. I would be a good year and a half of experience behind where i
am now just because i wouldnt have read those books. It gave me the
experience to fill me with the knowlege i needed for a whole lifetime
and way beyond. Neothink itself has always been my dream and has always
existed as a glimmering hope for the future in my mind. That someday
maybe things will all be different and we as the human race can all
come together to realize our short comings and rationally decide to
integrate the needed change into our everyday lives. Neothink has
realized this dream for me in promising an effort to set aflame a spark
of events that will change the ways in which we opperate on a whole. It
is my shining hope for the future and it, alone, is enough to drive me
forward to succeed in being part of an unbelievably bright and healthy
future for the world, once Neothink gains hold and the truth is finally
restored. With that, true nature can take its course as humans become
the concious keepers of our incredible planet.

Sencerely, Dante C.

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