Neothink came into my life at just the right time.

Neothink came into my life at just the right time.  My kids were fighting almost daily, angry at the world and each other. It was so bad my oldest son ended up in jail for the first time in his adult life. Their fighting was escalating and I thought for sure they would kill each other soon if things didn’t change. They were abused by their alcoholic Dad at an early age for a short time because I was not going to stand for that. I ended up raising them on my own. I know their anger was from that short period of abuse and then later because they grew up without a father figure in their life.

I was also abused as a child by my mother. I took it harder then my brother and sister. When I was sixteen she sent me to live with our god parents because I hated her so much I would leave the room when ever she came near and refused to speak to her at all. This hurt her very much but I did not care. I figured if I didn’t speak she wouldn’t have a reason to hit me. I wasn’t disrespectful to her though I just quietly left the room. We grew up afraid to say or do anything wrong. We were forced to go to church which I also hated. I thought if my mom is sitting here in church pretending to be a good christian and at home it’s totally different then these other church people must be like that too. If there was a God how could he let this be happening? The last time she attempted to hit me I was 25. I cut her out of my life for years until a few years before Neothink came into my life only due to my kids wanting contact with her. So this brings me to how Neothink transformed my life. I received the Neothink literature in April of 2006. Within days of reading the first literature good things began happening just as it said. My kids were suddenly getting along better to the point where I was shocked, they were helping around the house doing things without even being asked. A good sum of money was coming due to my car being totaled in a crash three weeks prior to receiving the first Neothink literature. Then after reading all the heirlooms I kept thinking about a passage that said if there is someone you are not getting along with see them as a child, feel the love for the child in them and see their child of the past. This one part  helped me to forgive my mother and we now have a good relationship. Things just keep getting better each day because of the Neothink philosophies I have learned. Recently I have even found the Romanctic Love of my life! He is the most wonderful man. He is one of a kind. My dream come true. I feel eternal love for him something I thought I would never have. Thank you Patrick for coming into my life and thank you Neothink. I am forever grateful.
Carol T.

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