NeoThink and the Twelve Visions Party will save mankind

I’ve read all of Mark Hamilton’s literature. NeoThink is the most honest and eye opening infusion of the conscious mind we as humans been craving and looking for for eons.

Since I’ve been reading “The NeoThink I have sooo much love for all mankind, I am at peace with everything and my thinking is clearer than ever.

Since the Twelve Visions Party, I now have hope for my children and their children and all of mankind on earth’s generations to come.

We will be free to take care of our children when they’re sick, without being threatened with a fine or jail. We will have the freedom to chose a healthy life style with organic foods with no penalties. Doctors will be free to heal us from any ailment, without the threat of prison. The geniuses will be free to come out and take care of just about anything harmful to humans, etc, etc.

NeoThink and the Twelve Visions Party will save mankind, our Earth and all its inhabitants.

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