My Testimonial to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

I am a sixty year old male, have been married to my high-school sweetheart for just over forty years, have four grown children and five grandchildren, I am a Vietnam Veteran, honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, and served another 18 years in the National Guard, honorably discharged, and I am a 38 year career Postal Employee about to retire. I am a Life Member of the V.F.W. and an Endowment Member of the N.R.A.

I have been associated with the writings of Mark Hamilton for over 25 years and those writings have always delivered new perspectives, insights, and integrations into the way things truly are and have always been presented in the light of fully integrated honesty.

I have benefited in my personal and business life as a result, I have been better able to deal and cope with the problems that plague our world today and have been able to see those problems as they really are, half truths, half lies, and just plain outright bogus realities that have been created by the shadow rulers and power brokers for the purpose of manipulation, gaining unearned values, and asserting control over the masses solely for the purpose of furthering their own agendas all to the determent of the masses of people as a whole.

Prior to finding the writing of Mark Hamilton, I like many others was a seeker, looking for something that made real sense, something based on logic with sound premises, something I could relate to in a way that felt just and right for me. I found it with the writings of Mark Hamilton.

Mark Hamilton has shown me how to discover my Friday Night Essence. This is what you want to work on or at after the end of your normal work week on a Friday (hence the term Friday Night Essence). It is something you excel at and provides the individual with a measure of personal satisfaction. Mark Hamilton has shown me how to become a value creator and the sense of self-worth that is achieved is amazing.

My wife has very recently started to read the writings of Mark Hamilton and the change that has occurred with her and what we experience in our relationship now is just so outstanding. We find that we have more to talk about now than ever before both in our personal relationship and in business. It is like my wife for the first time has discovered her own meaning of life and just how great it can be.

We have both committed to the Twelve Visions Party and see it as the only viable choice for concerned, thinking people to make. For far too long there has been no real choice to be had that would make a real difference, now there is.
In this regard, we hold Mark Hamilton in the same esteem, respect, and awe that we do our founding fathers and Mark Hamilton’s contribution to this country and the world will be no less profound than theirs were. We know that no country should ever have to make a choice to give up their sovereignty for any reason and that our constitution is a timeless document that has withstood the test of time and with the addition of the Prime Law Amendment to it our constitution will become the unbreakable bedrock upon which this great republic can flourish and prosper for forever and serve as a beacon to all other countries of the world to light the way to freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

In the beginning I said who I was and what I’ve done. I am just a regular, ordinary guy who has found an extraordinary organization and I am proud, pleased, and honored to be a part of the Neothink® Society. We are not offering change, as of late we have all had quite enough of that, we are offering to make a difference for all the people as in of, by, and for the people, the way it started out, the way it should have always been, and the way it will be again.


Gary C M

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