My own life has changed dramatically…

It has been difficult to know where to start.  Long before I started receiving the materials for Neothink, I had started thinking along the same lines and looking, trying to find something to satisfy my mind that someone out there was thinking in the same way that I was.  That I wasn’t crazy, that others thought about things the same way I did.  Politics included.

When I started receiving the information, it seemed so deep at first, but then I grasped it and it changed my life and I wouldn’t go back.  After reading Miss Annabelle’s story, I am so anxious to get on with life and be where we are rid of the anti-civilization I can taste it.

When my first daughter was born in 1980, I was already looking at trying to find ways to change politics and get rid of the vultures that were forcing honest politicians to become dishonest.  I soon became disillusioned when I realized that all politicians were already dishonest by the time they were voted in, or they weren’t successful in getting voted in.  By the time they reached Washington, they were so corrupt it was impossible to get anyone honest into office there.

Now, through Neothink, we finally have a chance.  Here in Salt Lake we are working toether to get started and ready to go.  We are dedicated together.

My own life has changed dramatically in the past 9 months since meeting these members and becoming part of our A-Team.  As we met and grew and realized our potential.  I realized my own Friday Night Essence and went with it, surprised  myself by it.  I have surprised myself with being able to step out and taking steps that even a year ago I would never have thought possible, with Neothink, I now know I can accomplish.

I am anxious to establish schools like Miss Annabelle’s here in Utah so that my grandchildren will not be subjected to the anti-civilization negativity that is so prevalent in the public school systems throughout the nation that I was taught in, that made so many of us fear trying new things or thinking outside of the box.  Now when we do we get stepped on in the work arena and transferred where we won’t cause problems.

So here is to continuing to grow with Neothink and helping others to grow and step outside of their comfort zones and grow as well.

Rita A, Salt Lake City, Utah

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