My Neothink Benefits

One way I benefited from Neothink is:
I’ve been in bands for approximately nine or ten years. Actually one band (that I created) for seven years now. The first couple of years when I started were a great learning experience, but I had an idea in my head(or my minds eye I should say) of how I wanted a band. So I quit the band I was in and created my own. Also at the time, my girlfriend who was with me in the prior band joined forces with me. We worked amazingly hard, day and night, and practiced and practiced. Learned over seventy-five songs in two weeks. We looked and learned how to get gigs, and tried things we either knew or thought would work. I was so happy doing this, I didn’t even realize how much effort I was putting into this until I looked back on it. Much more too, but I think anyone reading this gets the idea.(note: this is years before I found Neothink or Neothink found me.)For about two years we went strong. Then out of no where, my girlfriend and I fell apart. To this day I don’t know the real reason.(note: which tore my self-esteem to pieces). This resulted to five years of loneliness, and severed the band, my dreams that came true, died all at once. And as I said, financially devastated me to where I could never catch up. I bought her a vehicle and we made the payments together, but when we split, she insisted on keeping the vehicle. Plus I could never afford the payments and insurance on my own, but she felt she could. After a couple of months, she fell behind in payments, filed bankruptcy,(note: this is after she sabotaged gigs we had booked after our split, and she refused to cooperate with me to do those gigs, so she destroyed any chance I had of doing them because I needed the money big-time)and totally destroyed my credit. So I gave up. I still practiced my guitar and all, but didn’t try to seek other bands or start another one for a while. What I learned from Neothink later, was, all that effort, and ideas, and dreams coming true, contained a secret that I didn’t even realize at the time. Especially during the most depressed times. Coincidentally, when I received the first heirloom package, I was just starting my band again. Through all my sorrow, I realized I loved music and wanted to be in a band, as the lead guitarist. As I studied Neothink, I started applying the tools I learned. All of sudden, I was immensely happy again. Neothink helped me realize, through all the sorrow, to focus on the light in my life and how to have control of it. To cut to the chase, here I went again, but this time, with successful tools that I never dreamed of. No, I’m not a big-time, major, famous band, but I saw that if I wanted to, I can. The more I applied what I learned from Neothink, the more magnificent results evolved. By the time I received all three heirlooms and read them three times through each, I felt power I never knew I could feel. I could see things far more clearly and could plan the paths I wanted to take with great confidence. Already knowing pretty much what will be before I get there. And this is real. Not something I imagined, or hoped, or prayed for.

Another way I benefited from Neothink is:
I started meeting girls again. This time was different though. I had a relationship with a girl I always dreamed about as a teenager. I couldn’t believe I was kissing and touching a woman that I wanted all my life but didn’t have the courage, or confidence to ask out. Also I met and had a relationship with a woman that was the most beautiful woman I laid eyes on. We didn’t last long but we both understood we liked each other but intelligent enough to part without bitterness or regret. I look back though, and I’m amazed at that to this day. So all those years of loneliness totally dissipated. All of a sudden, women noticed me.

Another way I benefited from Neothink is:
My regular job I always liked. Not to boast or brag, but I’ve always been an energetic person. Very hyper. Some might think this isn’t a good thing, but they are always people that are not energetic. So all my jobs, I’ve done well.(note: This is as viewed by my bosses, because I always went above and beyond to get my work done).I would break company records in accomplishments as far as work completed. My recent job is no exception. But, once I learned some tools from Neothink, I started doing things I never knew I could be good at. Everything I tried, I did well, because I now know how to make it succeed. Did you read that? I NOW KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT ALL SUCCEED.I benefited in so many ways from Neothink, I couldn’t possibly list it all hear and now.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a millionaire,(yet)but I know I can be. It’s within my grasp. It may take a few years, few months, or a few minutes, but success is within my grasp, because Neothink opened my eyes in a way that I didn’t see. I always thought some things that were different from the normal world, but I know now, that was Neothink. Amazing, tremendous, happy times lay ahead, and I’m going towards them. As age and health problems may lay ahead of me. I know with the knowledge Neothink can bring the world, everything can be cured, explained, accomplished, and controlled with pure honesty, and reality. All this is real, not just hope, or prayers, or wishes, or dreams. Total, un-argumentative, factual reality. That’s what’s amazing to me.

Think about it, the more you do something, the better you become. With Neothink, the more success you accomplish, the better you become at success. Fact! I’m not just saying money, but everything you do, or dream, or want. Power. You actually become powerful. In a honest, and real way. Not as a belief, you know what you have to do, not just wonder.

If just one person comes to realize that Neothink is what can solve all of mankind’s and nature’s problems, through my testimony, that would be so joyous to my heart. Because I know the journey they are about to partake in is full of happiness, success and quite possibly, world changing solutions and ideas. So lets go and enjoy this amazing journey.

William D (Bill) from New Jersey.

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